GUDFOR A++ building professionals around the world choose this fast, efficient and innovative technology for finishing and insulating buildings

Insulating complex shapes, uneven, cylindrical, convex or polygonal surfaces, or hard-to-reach areas can be a difficult and challenging task. We offer an easy, effective and intelligent solution with our unique product – GUDFOR A++. It is developed in collaboration with building professionals around the world. GUDFOR A++ is an innovative single component polyurethane spray-on thermal insulation. What makes this solution unique? What are its advantages and potential applications?

GUDFOR A++ innovative spray-on single component polyurethane thermal insulation outperforms its competitors in many ways.

First, it is capable of strong adhesion to most building materials, such as wood, concrete, masonry, glass, PVC, bricks, plasterboard, EPS and XPS, tiles, and most plastics (other than Teflon and polyethylene). The product’s fast-curing components form a layer that prevents loss of heat and the penetration of air and moisture. Once fully cured, GUDFOR A++ thermal insulation can be cut, sanded, puttied, plastered and painted. These features make it one of the fastest and most effective solutions for thermal bridges, moisture and wind insulation.

Developed from single component polyurethane, which is rapidly growing in popularity in the international building industry, GUDFOR A++ thermal insulation has a very high application potential. It can be used to insulate walls, roofs, attics, facades, foundations and balconies of residential and commercial buildings. It is also suited for thermal insulation of vans, enclosed trailers, refrigerated trucks, pipelines, various tanks, wells and baths, while it can both insulate and seal communication system inlets.

GUDFOR A++ has stronger adhesion to most building materials and a higher yield of 2.5 per square metre in comparison to competing products in its category. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/mK and a second coat of the product can be applied after 20 minutes. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, GUDFOR A++ is ideal for eliminating thermal bridges and dew points.

Another unique feature of GUDFOR A++ is its convenience and ease of use. To achieve the product’s full potential, it is advised to prepare working surfaces by wiping them to remove dust, dirt and grease and then spray the working surfaces to moisten them.

Shake the bottle of GUDFOR A++, screw the gun in place and attach the relevant nozzle included in the kit on top of it. Nozzle A is for vertical surfaces and Nozzle B is for ceilings.

When the gun valve is fully open, it is recommended to spray the product on the surface from a distance of 30-45 cm, with the gun trigger fully depressed. The spray layer should be no thicker than 3-5 cm. At that point, an additional coat can be applied after 20 minutes.

Shake the bottle periodically, preferably with the gun. Once the surface has been coated, moisten the insulation material by spraying water. The ambient operating temperature is +5 °C to +35 °C and the recommended operating temperature for the bottle is +18 °C to +25 °C. The product fully sets within one day.

Following these instructions will ensure the best professional results for insulation and building finishing. All you need is the unique and innovative product GUDFOR A++, an advanced technology spray-on single component polyurethane thermal insulation.