Gudfor A ++ Thermal insulation spray for cold bridges

Thermal insulation spray for cold bridges.

SKU: 03-9-1-029
Filling: 850 ml
Color: Light blue
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.033 W/ mK
  • Yield of one falcon 2,5 m2
  • The second layer can be sprayed after 20 minutes
  • Thermal resistance after hardening -80 ° C ... + 120 ° C
  • With a nozzle for more convenient ceiling insulation

GUDFOR A ++ is innovative technology one-component polyurethane thermal insulation spray, developed in collaboration with finishing and insulation masters, to facilitate their work by insulating hard-to-reach, complex shapes, uneven, cylindrical, convex or polygonal surfaces. Has strong adhesion to most building materials including wood, masonry, metal, glass and many plastics except Teflon, polyethylene. GUDFOR A ++ fast curing material forms a protective layer that protects against air and moisture infiltration and heat loss. When completely dry, it can be cut, sanded, puttyed, plastered and painted. GUDFOR A ++ is one of the most effective and fastest solutions for cold bridges, moisture and wind insulation, based on one-component polyurethane, the use of which for building insulation is rapidly gaining popularity and growing worldwide. Sound attenuation index 60 dB