ZOOM vapor barrier tape: unique adhesive properties for perfect adhesion

For anyone carrying out insulation work, one of the most important tools is tape which provides perfect sealing and adhesion. For this reason, we have created ZOOM vapor barrier tape, featuring unique adhesive properties which can bond to a variety of surfaces while the elastic base guarantees optimal tightness.

Single-sided adhesive ZOOM vapor barrier tape is designed to ensure a long-term, completely sealed connection between water vapor insulating materials, as well as with wall and roof structures. Due to its unique adhesive properties, it can be bonded with various surfaces – from plywood and chipboards to vapor barrier and sealing films.

ZOOM vapor barrier tape is mostly used in performing various insulation works, such as insulating the facade, internal walls, and roof. Craftsmen who already value the properties of ZOOM vapor barrier tape will use it even in places where ventilation pipes are connected.

This vapor barrier tape stands out from similar products, surpassing them in many useful features. ZOOM vapor barrier tape is extremely elastic and can stretch even up to three times its initial position. The tape’s elastic base ensures optimal tightness on various surfaces and overlaps.

The product is also perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and the lowest working temperature reaches -20 degrees.

In order to achieve the best results when using ZOOM vapor barrier tape, it is important to prepare properly and follow the instructions for use. Water, dust, grease, and any other dirt build-up must be removed from the surfaces that need to be bonded, and all residue from cleaning agents or other auxiliary materials must also be removed with a clean, dry cloth.

If the work is carried out at a lower temperature and in order to obtain the best possible adhesion, the tape should be at room temperature – this way the glue activates effectively. It is also important to comply with the recommended operating temperature, and the tape used must be properly pressed to the bonded surfaces without leaving air gaps. In the case of improper bonding, it is necessary to remove and bond a new tape.

The materials to be bonded must also be properly attached in accordance with the techniques specified in DIN 4108/11. When it is not possible to ensure application without increased stretching of the material, the materials must be additionally reinforced by mechanical means.

ZOOM vapor barrier tape also meets the strict requirements of EnEV (DIN 4108/11) for the permanent sealing of a hermetic vapor barrier sheet. This product is an excellent choice when looking for professional and top-quality help with insulation or other work. See for yourself how you can achieve the perfect adhesion and tightness!