Sustainability in construction products: stepping up to the West

As the world moves faster and steadier towards more sustainable products and services, the construction sector is not falling behind, with the highest energy performance class A++ for new buildings, and the use of environmentally friendly or fully ecological products in construction. Tegra State is also making a significant contribution to sustainability, with an increasing number of environmentally friendly products in its product portfolio, and other company solutions.

It all starts with the packaging

Every construction professional is faced with a situation where stacks of building material packaging build up during construction or renovation. This is why manufacturers pay special attention to the sustainability of the latter, as required by the European Union (EU), which mandates the recycling of all packaging for building materials: metal, paper, plastic and other various types of wraps.

Understanding the importance of sustainability, Tegra State has been focusing on recycling packaging for a number of years. The products distributed by the company are therefore produced in EU factories that meet international standards, are subject to a strict selection of raw materials and quality control of production, and are certified by the manufacturers as recyclable packaging.

More breakthroughs expected

Another important area for sustainability and ecology is the products themselves. Most of the products sold by Tegra State such as installation foams and sealants Fome Flex, tapes ZOOM, adhesives POINT, aerosol paints INRAL– are already EC1PLUS, ISEGA, M1 and other certified. It shows that the products are environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health. In other words, the company’s products are not inferior to those sold in the West. The next generation of polyurethane foams, 30–40% of which should be recyclable, should be a major shift towards sustainability.

The company’s product range is also reducing adhesives based on thinner and rubber and switching to products based on hybrid and acrylic formulations. Particularly noteworthy is the Point series of hybrid adhesives, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also have excellent adhesion to many materials. For example, Point 104 Turbo Fast & Strong Fix hybrid adhesive has a bonding strength of up to 38 kg/cm2 and adheres perfectly to concrete, masonry, plaster, ceramics, glass, rigid PVC, metals, stone, OSB, wood and other materials.

Appreciated by an increasing number of clients

As the new, improved formulas are not only environmentally friendly, but also do not harm people’s health as they do not release VOCs after setting, they are becoming more popular among construction professionals and amateurs carrying out small repairs.

It is noted that clients also value the fact that sustainability is reflected in the company’s operations, not just its products. This is why the Tegra Group, which includes not only Tegra State, but also Tegra Holding, Tegra Latvia, Tegra Nordics and InTegra House, TEGROS Ukraina,is working on a wide range of sustainability-related projects.

In the long term, the Group intends to develop more renewable energy projects and install zero CO2 emission energy systems. Tegra offices already have air-to-air heat pumps, which heat and cool rooms and require much less electricity.

The inTegra House workshop, established in 2015, is built and equipped according to the most innovative requirements, using geothermal heating and achieving zero CO2 emissions in its operations. In addition to team meetings to express and share ideas, it also hosts product presentations for clients and showcases the work being done on sustainability.