Advanced, next-generation technology provides the best solution for sealing facade and roof seams

A common challenge for builders during construction work is how to reliably seal structural and expansion joints in facades, roofs or walkways. We offer a professional, high-quality and advanced solution – “ Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” sealant. „Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ – a new generation, low-modulus, premium hybrid sealant – forms an extremely elastic and durable seam on commonly used building materials. Learn more about why this technology is unrivalled in the market.


„Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ is our next-generation hybrid sealant featuring advanced and innovative technology based on a revolutionary principle.

Hybrid sealants cure with moisture in the air and they are designed to be more elastic and mechanically more durable than traditional products. “Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” is also more resistant to temperature and weather fluctuations, resulting in a longer service life. It is also completely environmentally and health friendly, and is almost odorless.

These hybrid sealants are unique not only in their properties, but also in their versatility. They seal structural and expansion joints in facades, roofs and walkways on commonly used building materials. „Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ is therefore the perfect choice for concrete, brickwork, painted wood, enamel, aluminum, stainless steel and various plastic surfaces.

By forming a highly elastic and durable seam on these materials, hybrid sealants cure without bubbles. They are also free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones, suitable for wider joints, with high mechanical resistance and strong initial adhesion.

“Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE is also unique due to its zero settling. This product has excellent primer-free adhesion to most surfaces, even wet ones. Hybrid sealants are easy to apply and have a cure rate of 2-3 mm per day.

The products are simple and standard to use. The first step is to clean and degrease all surfaces. Next, cut off the top of the cartouche or foil packet and screw on the nozzle supplied with the cartouche.

The next step is to insert the cartouche or foil pack into the syringe gun and squeeze the trigger of the gun several times to fill the nozzle with sealant. The seam depth to width ratio for seams up to 10 mm is 1:1. Minimum width and depth is 5 mm. For a joint wider than 10 mm, the depth is the width divided by 3 plus 6 mm. The maximum width of the joint shall be up to 40 mm.

We are offering five different hybrid sealants in its range. “Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” is available in clear, white, grey, black and anthracite.

All these products are certified with CE certification and other important certifications recognized in the construction market:

For these reasons, “Fome Flex HYBRID ROOF&FAÇADE” is unrivalled in the market as a new-generation, low-modulus, premium hybrid sealant. For those who are looking for a reliable, high quality and intelligent joint sealing solution, this product will exceed all expectations.