FOME FLEX PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM new generation professional polyurethane sealant

It is a new generation, one-component, polyurethane sealant and adhesive for sealing structural and expansion joints, roof joints and floors in pedestrian areas.
Goes in two packages 300 ml or 600 ml.

SKU: 01-4-2-035, 01-4-2-037
Color: grey
  • Curing without bubbles
  • New GEL technology provides comfortable application
  • Pleasant smell of almonds
  • Suitable for wider connections
  • High mechanical resistance

FFOME FLEX PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM has a high resistance to mechanical effects, is always elastic, hardens quickly and is easy to apply.
Curing speed 3mm per day. Unlike the old generation PU sealant, it never forms bubbles and is very user friendly due to its low isocyanate content.
FOME FLEX PU SEAL&FLEX PREMIUM is specifically developed as a universal sealant for sealing construction and expansion joints and joints in pedestrian walkways and suitable for roofing applications, complies NFP 85-61.