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POINT 120 Clear Power is a transparent hybrid adhesive with high initial adhesion, extremely fast curing and particularly high bond strength.

SKU: 03-1-0-120
Color: Clear
Filling: 290 ml
  • The adhesion strength after curing is 34 kg/cm2
  • 70% of the final adhesion strength is achieved in just 2 hours
  • Crystal clear
  • Constantly elastic joint. Elongation before break 160%.

POINT 120 is designed for fixing most building materials, including bonding very heavy vertical elements. Such as ceramic tiles, bricks or stones. The adhesive perfectly bonds various building materials and finishing elements, including metal, aluminium, wood, glass, PVC, polyurethane, concrete, etc. The adhesive strength after curing is 34 kg/cm2. 70% of the final adhesive strength is achieved in just 2 hours. Bonds wet surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application. The joint can be painted. Does not contain solvents so the adhesive is not aggressive to sensitive surfaces.