Vertas Gravity watering system

Gravity watering system12 m2.

SKU: 17-7-0-104

VERTAS watering system (gravity/plumbing) for watering up to 40 single plants in greenhouses or flower pots in two lines. Simple and easy to install. This watering system allows water and nutrients to be evenly distributed to the roots of each plant. Saves water and time, requires less labour, and increases the quality and yield of harvest. For greenhouses up to 12 m2. Water drip rate from one capillary irrigation hose is 0.5 litres per 1 hour at a water pressure of 1 bar, i.e. the entire watering system discharges 20 litres of water in 1 hour. Installation instructions are included. Care: Remove all water from the irrigation system at the end of the irrigation season. To ensure that your irrigation system lasts as many years as possible, we recommend dismantling it before the cold season and storing it safely in a room with a positive air temperature.