POINT 97 montage glue and sealant

Adhesives and fillers for tiles based on acrylic dispersion, with anti-mold additives.

SKU: 03-1-0-297
Filling: 280 ml
Color: White
  • Elastic white seam
  • Strong initial adhesion
  • Mechanically durable seam
  • Seam mobility: 12.5%

Adhesive based on silanized acrylic dispersion, with anti-mold additives, white adhesive and tile filler. Ideal for gluing ceramic tiles and various decorative panels on flat surfaces, as well as for applying new seams and renovating old ones. For interior work. Odorless, paintable, excellent adhesion to most surfaces, easy to apply. No need to prime. One vial yield is about 10 m.