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Inral Metal anti-corrosion paint

Aerosol metallic paint 4 in 1 INRAL Decor. It combines 4 properties in one: primer, anticorrosive, paint with colour and varnish to protect against environmental influences. Also suitable for steel and wood.

SKU: 26-8-3-003
Color: auksinė, pusiau bilzgi
Filling: 400 ml
  • 4 products in one
  • Saves time and money
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to temperature changes

INRAL METAL PAINT 4in1 is a spray paint, rust inhibitor, primer and protective coating in one bottle. Gives old metals a durable matt shine. Recommended for use on metals exposed to corrosion (iron, steel), e.g. fences, railings, garden tools, playground equipment (e.g. swings). Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. ;/Best for use at +20°C, below +18°C drying time and paint deterioration. Contains no lead or chromium compounds and does not harm the ozone layer. ;/DRYING TIME 1 hour ;/SURFACE: 1.8 m2 ;/WORKING TEMPERATURE: +10°C … +25°C