Inral Spray paints ROOF spray, anthracite

Fast-drying spray paint for repair of defects in metal roofing tiles, rainwater pipes and gutters. The enamel creates a hard surface resistant to temperature, cracking, scratching and peeling.

SKU: 26-7-7-008
Filling: 400 ml
Color: Anthracite grey, glossy
  • The colours correspond to the basic shades of metal roof tiles
  • Even coverage and excellent adhesion to the surface
  • Resistant to sunlight and rain, suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Contains no chromium and lead compounds and no substances harmful to the ozone layer

Fast-drying spray paint for roofing and guttering, repairs of defects. The paint forms a strong coating resistant to temperature, cracks and scratches; /Best painted at +20 °C. Below +18 °C the drying time and paint properties deteriorate. Free of lead or chromium compounds, does not deplete the ozone layer; /
/CURING TIME 10 min.; /YIELD: 2 m2; /WORKING TEMPERATURE: +10 ℃ … +25 ℃