Inral PLASTIC GROUND spray paint

Primer spray for plastic surfaces. For cars, motorcycles, recesses or other plastic surfaces. High quality, wear resistant. Excellent coverage. Contains no chromium or lead compounds.

SKU: 26-7-2-010
Filling: 400 ml
Color: Clear, matte
  • Quick-drying
  • excellent coverage and adhesion to surfaces
  • High wear resistance
  • contains no lead or chromium compounds

Primer spray for plastic surfaces. For use on cars, motorcycles, garden furniture or any other plastic surface. High quality, excellent coating properties and extreme abrasion resistance. PLASTIC PRIMER provides particularly excellent adhesion between polypropylene-based plastics (polyethylene EPDM, some ABS types) and other coated surfaces. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Resistant to weathering. Free of lead or chromium compounds, does not deplete the ozone layer.

Best painted at +20 °C. Below +18 °C the drying time and paint properties deteriorate.

CURING TIME 5 min.; YIELD: 2 m2; WORKING TEMPERATURE: +18 ℃ … +25 ℃