FOME FLEX Hydro Defence Glue-Mastic bituminous glue-mastic, 18 kg

It is a cold applied, one-component, dispersion asphalt-rubber compound (18 kg) with the consistency of paste.

SKU: 01-4-2-053
Color: Brown
Filling: 18 kg
  • For cracks up to 5mm
  • Does not flow down the vertical surfaces
  • Solvent free
  • Can be combined with foamed polystyrene

The compound can be used for light, medium and heavy waterproofing on various surfaces and fixing PS and EXP boards. Because of its thixotropic qualities the coating does not flow from vertical surfaces and can be applied on uneven and rough surfaces with various slopes. It contains no solvents. After curing the coating is very tight and flexible – can absorb base material cracks of up to 5 mm. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Suitable for waterproofing under floor pavements on terraces, balconies, also foundations, basement floors, garages.
– is designed for the application of thick-layer, jointless waterproofing coatings of medium and heavy-duty type, on vertical and horizontal surfaces of concrete elements, including those loaded with pressurized water, as well as for bonding drainage and protective boards, including thermal insulation, to asphalt insulations
– gluing polystyrene and extrude boards to concrete, masonry walls
– hydrophobic insulations of underground parts of the building (e.g. foundations) – of light, medium and heavy waterproof types
– hydrophobic insulations under floor pavements on terraces, balconies
– waterproofing underfloor insulation of terraces, balconies