Gudfor 911 finishing master’s glue for skirting boards and edging

Finishing master’s glue based on MS Polymer for fixing skirting boards and edging.

SKU: 03-9-1-011
Filling: 290 ml
Color: White
  • High adhesion force: 32 kg/ cm2
  • Always elastic seam
  • Can be glued on wet surfaces
  • Strong initial adhesion

Finishing master’s glue based on MS Polymer technologies optimally adapted for skirting boards and door edgings made of wood, MPP, MDP, OSB or plastic. It can glue skirting boards and edgings on almost all surfaces found in construction. They do not shrink when stiffened, they do not emit vapors, the glued surfaces do not swell from them. Also, these adhesives are non-aggressive, diluent-free, isocyanate-free, odorless. Does not cause metal corrosion, does not change the color of stone, brick, concrete, marble. They are resistant to UV and weather conditions, paintable. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work. Tensile strength (adhesion force) – 32 kg. / cm2. Curing time 3 mm. in 24 hours. The yield of one vial is about 10 m. of seam (5 mm. thick). The film forms in 10 minutes. Can also be used as a sealant