FOME FLEX Mounting foam Double Pistol Foam

Professional mounting foam with double adapter, with the best thermal conductivity coefficient on the market and extremely low secondary expansion.

SKU: 01-3-2-008 
Filling: 750 ml
Color: Yellow
  • Double adapter
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity - 0.030 W/m * K
  • Very low secondary expansion -30%
  • Closed pores - 70%

One-component polyurethane mounting foam FOME FLEX DOUBLE PISTOL FOAM. With the help of the new DOUBLE PISTOL technology, it is possible to work with both the pistol and the adapter that comes with the vial. The valve has an internal thread into which the adapter is securely screwed. It is possible to inflate some of the foam with the adapter, then unscrew it and continue working with the gun. The adapter helps you reach narrower and harder to reach places. When working with the gun, the foam has a low secondary expansion, only 30%. Yield of free-blowing 45 liters. You can cut in 20-40 minutes. Temperature resistance after hardening -40°C … + 90°C. Fully hardens in 80-100 minutes. Sound attenuation index 62 dB. The foam has 70% closed and 30% open pores, so it protects against wind, but breathes perfectly. Areas of application: window and door sealing; heat and sound insulation; acoustic insulation; filling cracks, cavities, gaps; pipe insulation; sealing of roof, wall and floor joints; thermal insulation of roofs.