Fome Flex fome Flex Mini Mounting Foam (yellow)

Polyurethane mounting foam with adapter for all seasons. For small-scale sealing work.

SKU: 01-3-2-007
Filling: 230 ml
Color: Yellow
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient - 0.030 W / mK
  • / Suitable for all seasons. Operating temperature from -10°C to +30°C
  • / Sound attenuation index 62 dB
  • / Full hardening after 2 hours.

All-season polyurethane mounting foam with adapter. Used without a foam gun. Suitable for work from -10°C to +30°C. Used in the installation of window frames, door frames, heat and sound insulation, sealing of joints, filling of voids, cracks, gluing of roof tiles and thermal insulation. Foam prevents the formation of mold. Hardened foam has good heat and sound insulation properties. Yield 45 liters with free blowing. Secondary expansion 140%. Thermal resistance 0.030 W / (m * K). Thermal resistance after hardening -40°C … + 90°C. Cutting time 30 min. full hardening time 2 hours. Sound attenuation index – 62 dB.Users manual – thoroughly clean and moisten the work surface. Shake the vial vigorously to screw the adapter to the vial. The amount of foam is adjusted by pressing the adapter knob. Fill 30-70% of the cavity volume (depending on the temperature) with foam – the foam will expand as it hardens. If the foam is used at low temperatures, the vial must be warmed to +18 ° C by placing it in warm water or a warm room. Do not wet the surface at air temperatures below 0 ° C. Residues of undried foam are best cleaned with Foam Cleaner Fome Flex. Remove hardened foam mechanically.