Fome Flex fome Flex Aquastop (trasnparent)

High quality roof sealant, based on synthetic rubber, clear Aquastop Fome Flex

SKU: 01-4-2-009
Filling: 300 ml
Color: Clear
  • Reinforced with lintels / Seals even under water / Working temperature from -10 ° C / Excellent adhesion to bitumen and other building materials.

High quality sealant based on synthetic rubber. Thanks to the unique formula with fibers, the seam is sealed immediately after application, even in extreme conditions – under water, cold, rain or snow. Aquastop is used for many roof repair and maintenance work, for sealing boats, for cold gluing of roofing film, membrane and roofing made of bitumen, for sealing corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal joints. Seam mobility 10%.Users manual – Surfaces must be clean, free of grease residues. Cut off the end of the cartridge tip and screw the nozzle included in the kit onto it. Insert the cartridge into the syringe gun and fill the nozzle with sealant by squeezing the trigger of the gun several times. The film forms in 2-10 minutes. Fully hardens within 24 hours. Working temperature from -10 ° С to +40 ° С. Temperature resistance of the seam from -30 ° С to +90 ° С.