POINT 203 Folie & Membrane Fix adhesive and sealant for foils and membranes

Vinyl polymer based flexible building sealant for roofs and facades.

SKU: 03-4-0-201
Color: blue
Filling: 300 ml
  • Quick and easy, instant bonding
  • Excellent adhesion to most films and membranes
  • Permanently elastic seam
  • VOC free

POINT 203 FOLIE&MEMBRANE FIX is a strong and elastic adhesive-sealant based on a modified acrylic dispersion for the bonding and sealing of various films. For fixing and sealing steam, diffusion, aluminum, polyethylene, polyamide and other films and membranes on surfaces such as plaster, concrete, wood and metal. Strong and fast bond. Adheres instantly, no need to separate and wait for a film to form. Meets the requirements of the DIN4108-7 certificate for thermal insulation and energy saving in buildings, making it ideal for the construction or renovation of high-energy class house.