FOME FLEX 100% SILICONE, white premium quality sanitary sealant

Premium quality, white sanitary-acid silicone for professionals.

SKU: 01-4-2-046
Filling: 310 ml
Color: White
  • Maximum protection against mold - XS1
  • Can be used in the shower after 25 minutes
  • Very elastic and extremely durable seam
  • Does not change color

Fome Flex 100% is a premium quality, white sanitary-acid clear silicone for professionals. This product is perfect for sealing in bathrooms and kitchens. Fome Flex 100% silicone is resistant to UV rays and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for work not only indoors but also outdoors. The highest concentration and highest quality silicone material and the highest protection against mold ensure a fast and guaranteed work result. Extremely fast polymerization time allows you to use a shower, bath or kitchen sink after 25 minutes. One of the highest Shore A hardness indicators allows the formation of a durable and highly durable seam. Due to the optimal density and tensile strength indicators, the product is extremely easy to apply. All the features of this product allow you to give it a 10-year warranty. Seam mobility 20%.